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Be Inspired By Our Premium Tableware And Cutlery Design


Are you looking for original solutions for decorating your dining room or kitchen? We invite you to KA Furniture showroom, where we will help you find unusual creative dishes that will decorate your interior, as well as give comfort and functionality. Brand kitchen accessories and designer dining sets are a great opportunity to create a unique and stylish atmosphere in your house. Designer tableware is a thoughtful and incredibly beautiful design that gives not only aesthetic pleasure, but also practicality.

Katrina Antonovich And Designer Tableware For Dining Room Decoration

The functionality and reliability of the furniture, appliances and utensils presented in Luxury Antonovich Home shop will amaze you during operation, while the appearance will captivate lovers of modern forms at a glance. Our company takes care that you not only cook with pleasure, but also stay in the kitchen with a sense of aesthetic pleasure.

Today, tableware by KA Furniture is represented by an impressive number of different stylistic and color solutions. But the most important advantage of the brand’s tableware is its unique strength, because it is very difficult to break or scratch, the incredibly strong enamel and glaze will last for many years, delighting you with its appearance and quality.


Our furniture and home decor store selects the best of what is in the world of furniture and decor design, so that each of our customers can get everything that is possible to imagine, and this is on the most favorable terms:

— fast delivery in Dubai and the UAE;

— the ability to place an order online;

— quality certificates;

— only exclusive and elite products from the world’s leading brand;

— one hundred percent quality guarantee;

— regularly updated assortment (with us you will be the first to know about the latest models entering the market).

From the first days, the distinctive feature of our brand’s products was exquisite handicraft, which was appreciated by the aristocratic layers of society. Dining sets and exclusive dishes by Luxury Antonovich Home are those things that will decorate the house and satisfy the aesthetic hunger:

  • unique chinaware;
  • silverware;
  • plates;
  • ceramic tableware;
  • serving dishes:

✔ plates (for the first and second courses, bowls);
✔ cutlery (various types of forks, spoons and knives for different dishes);
✔ glasses, glasses on a leg;
✔ napkin holders, sauce bowls, bread bins, jugs;
✔ multi-tier shelves for fruits, as well as rotating dishes;
✔ trays;
✔ various decorative elements for decorating the festive table (candlesticks, flower vases, rings for decorating napkins).

These products will help to create an original table setting, which will decorate both a holiday and a hearty family dinner. Creating original dishes, our designers think through it to the smallest detail, choosing a safe material and developing an ergonomic shape. In our catalog you will find dishes for serving snails, bowls, salad bowls, elegant jugs, supports for spoons, cups, mugs and many other products that will certainly be useful in your household use.

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