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Dubai Expo 2020: Fashionable Apartment Design by Katrina Antonovich

Futuristic Set of Architectural Design by Katrina Antonovich

The biggest and the brightest world’s Exhibition are approaching as the EXPO 2020 will be held at the most Luxurious City in the World, Dubai. It has been such a great opportunity for every Architectural and interior design firms all over the city as it will be a great occasion that will be having a chance to bring out the best services and support for the full event. The Luxury Antonovich home along with its Chief Designer herself, Ms Katrina Antonovich will be leading the support and assistance for every delegate, tourist, investors, and businessman and promote the fashionable apartment design.

Among the Furniture Showroom in the City, the KA furniture showroom Dubai has been known as the home center of Dubai and the best furniture store in UAE. Dubai Furniture was indeed such a great idea to promote and being exhibit to be part of the Expo 2020. Dubai Furniture has been known on its top quality materials and finest compositions in style that can be performed in any type of concept design, from the Arabic style furniture, royal style/ classic furniture design, contemporary and modern style furniture.

Dubai has been the perfect place of venue for the upcoming biggest event in the World; Expo 2020, as it has the most prestigious lifestyle, artistic creations from its local and historic tradition, and a great influence of the modern style fusion which is full of creativity and embrace to the modern technology. The Luxury Antonovich Home will be contributing the best Fashionable Apartment Design by Katrina Antonovich which will be filled with a completely amazing Dubai furniture set up and arrangement that has been very well crafted to perfection.

Dubai Expo 2020: Fashionable Apartment Design by Katrina Antonovich, investing a property in Dubai and develop it with the right hands will surely be the greatest achievement towards welcoming the future possibilities in the spheres of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. Luxury Antonovich Home will surely add value to every property by developing it with the most professional and skillful executions as it known for the home center Dubai and best furniture store in UAE that produces Luxurious Dubai Furniture Design.

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