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Fit-Out Company in Dubai

Leading Interior Fit-Out Company in Dubai

You wake up in a penthouse in Dubai with a panoramic view of a million dollars and a dazzling view of the Persian Gulf. Do you want your property to be equipped with the most sophisticated and luxurious interior? Welcome to the Antonovich fit-out and decoration service! Luxury Antonovich Home offers a full range of services for the arrangement of private houses, residential complexes, commercial and business institutions in Dubai. We offer a full range of services for decorating your property with the best materials, and arranging a luxurious interior designed to your taste. We pay particular attention to details and can help equip your property with a luxurious custom interior that meets the highest standards of design, glamor and aesthetics. By the time we finish, your interior will be amazing!The best Interior Fitout Company In Dubai team

Luxury Antonovich Home service department understands that home is a special place for its inhabitants, and we want you to feel comfortable and safe in your home. We are raising the standards of interior fit-out in Dubai: our customers understand not only the importance of a well-designed, but also stylish, luxurious and glamorous home. Our luxurious interiors, custom-made, can give your home or office a unique and sophisticated look that exudes luxury and taste.

Antonovich Home: Leading Interior Fit Out Company In Dubai

Have an empty space you wish to populate with high-class interior decors? We can incorporate a grand and lavish decor in your home interior, and introduce ideas that transform your modern interior design into a mesmerizing place for the whole family. We can equip your commercial property into one of the most dazzling and jaw-dropping business environments in Dubai. Antonovich fit out services range from individual rooms to full-blown commercial fit outs for large office towers. Call us now to inquire about prices!

Katrina Antonovich and Leading Interior Fit Out Company In Dubai

If you let our designers go to work for you, we will incorporate our finest design finishes and custom-design your space into a dream home that you will be proud to show off to your clients. We can fit out private residences or commercial establishments with the same uniform standards.

Private Homes: The #1 Fitout Company In Dubai

Our fit-out services extend from furniture to light fixtures and custom-made designs. We will create an ambience by installing luxurious light fixtures, and we’ll make a statement by implementing the finest crystal chandeliers and combining that with pendant lights and antique finished holders. To emphasize the feeling of luxury, we can equip the home with ornately framed mirrors that will create the feeling of opulence and glamour. We can open-up tight spaces and create a feeling of spaciousness if certain rooms are lacking.

Full Team: Dubai Fit Out Contractors

Our designers will hand-pick rugs which have unique patterns that enhance the feeling of authenticity, eloquence and style. The floors will bring a harmonious balance to the decor of the home and elevate the theme we’re aiming for. Each home will be custom-built to reflect the personal tastes of the client. Each detail will be focused on placing an accent on the luxurious decor and we will optimize the textures, trimmings, murals, panels and colors to solidify the luxurious appeal.

Dubai Fit Out Contractors at work

We can light-up your home and set the tone of the interior by bringing forward bold colors and palettes. We ditch bland colors and add glamour to our client’s homes by incorporating rich and deep hues of the strongest colors and patterns. We can add color to all parts of the interior such as the walls, accessories and all surrounding furnishings to produce a grand interior.

Luxurious Fit Out Interior For Your Home

Personalizing our client’s homes brings exclusivity. At Antonovich, we recognize luxurious interiors are all about exclusivity and we give each client a personal touch when we design and fit out their interior. We apply attention to detail and thoughtfulness which is reflected in the elegance of the final product. We can make the difference between ordinary and fabulous, and this is imperative to designing a luxurious home at the latest standards. We break the plateaus and help you make the right decisions such as the color of the walls, furniture placement, where the spare chairs should go to and all the details that go into creation a clean, clutter-free luxurious interior.

The Most Innovative Fit Out Company

We are inventive and we use unusual materials for our clients. We can fit out your home with luxurious marbles, stones, onyx and bring a fresh air of exclusivity to our interiors. We apply extra care for premium wood furnishes that bring sophistication to the decor. Whenever our designers choose wood floorings, panels, furniture and accessories they only rely on wood with rich warm hues that create a luxury feeling.

Antonovich Home Showroom - Innovative Fit Out Company

Luxury is not only about high-end accessories and price tags – it’s also about comfort. Our fit out services will ensure you have plush seating, luxurious flooring that is a pleasure to walk on and high-tech smart gadgets. Whichever idea you have for your dream luxurious home, we can bring it to life! We can help your dreams come to fruition and with our intuitive designers, transform your home into a splendorous hub of opulence.

Antonovich Home Showroom: Leading Commercial Fit Out Company In Dubai

We can meet deadlines and help you fit-out your corporate offices in Dubai at the highest standards of luxury. Our commercial fit out services are suitable for offices or commercial objects at every level. We can equip single-floor or multi-floor offices. We’ll accommodate your design needs and convert the space in a space that represents your corporate values, enhances your brand and streamlines your productivity. Our designers can work with any commercial establishment in Dubai and we can assess the budget and feasibility of the project if you contact us.

The interior of your corporate offices can be designed to meet your businesses’ individual needs and aspirations. We can make your employees feel comfortable working in your offices and look forward to coming to work by equipping it with a smart modern interior that abides by the highest standards in modern design. We will explore all avenues and ensure that the office works for you operationally and exceeds your expectations in terms of luxury appeal. We’re the best at it!

Antonovich Home Showroom Team

Our designers can produce custom decor that enhances your corporate branding. We can equip your commercial establishment with office furniture, fixtures and equipment. We can organize the furniture and equip the premises with the infrastructure necessary to run. Get in touch with us to discuss your personal project requirements. Katrina Antonovich, the founder and owner of Antonovich Home Dubai, is well established in the UAE and internationally. Antonovich Home Dubai is the premier design firm in Dubai known for producing custom prestigious and luxurious interiors for private homes and commercial buildings.


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