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Refined Crystal Accessories — Evidence of Excellent Taste


Crystal, crystal products, in particular tableware, has always been associated with abundance, sophistication and good taste. Something mysteriously beautiful, even royal, blows from it. Having at his/her disposal one crystal product or a whole collection, a person will be able to fully enjoy the aesthetic beauty of tableware. In addition, crystal is a wonderful and versatile gift. Suitable for women and men, for youth and older people, for close relatives and just acquaintances, colleagues. This is a great gift for everyone.

Katrina Antonovich And Luxury Crystal Tableware

It is difficult to find words to describe all the beauty and grace of glasses, tableware, vases and decanters. Luxury Antonovich Home products are positioned as high-end crystal and high-quality glass products. The sophistication and originality of this tableware is due to their production. Each crystal product undergoes a long and complex production process — the production of tableware itself, and then manually decorated with gold and platinum.


A perfectly served table is the goal of every housewife. Today there is and is actively using a wide variety of crystal glassware, differing in shape, volume and materials used in the manufacture and decor. If you want to provide high-quality serving and pick up noteworthy options for this, pay attention to the glass and tableware from KA Furniture brand.

Having rich experience in manual production, today our craftsmen use the latest technology in the production of crystal glass, and offer our customers a wide range of dishes. And all this is more affordable than before, but no less elitist and elegant. A wide range of crystal glassware allows our customers to choose models that are ideal for serving and will convey the festive atmosphere to the maximum.

The assortment of tableware made of crystal is very diverse today. All sorts of sockets and vases, sweets and fruit bowls, salad bowls, appliances for spices, vases for cakes and others are made from it by Luxury Antonovich Home. But, of course, the most common crystal utensils are considered utensils for drinks. These are crystal wine glasses, champagne flute glasses, cocktail glasses and mugs, which are used in elite restaurants and at large celebrations. Connoisseurs of beverages claim that the taste of wine depends on the glass. And of course, when you drink wine from a crystal glass by KA Furniture brand, its taste is enhanced by the sophistication and elegance of such dishes. Therefore, it is never too late to become a true connoisseur and owner of beautiful crystal glassware in Dubai.

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