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10 basic rules to get your furniture arrangement right

How To Start Decorating your Interior Design with the Correct furniture Arrangement?

As the KA Furniture Dubai started to open to the public, Our Furniture Designers and Consultant has been provided a list of 10 basic rules to get your furniture arrangement right. This can be the perfect guidelines of every homeowner to let them decide for the proper selection of the furniture for their houses and it should be properly arranged. The following list of this basic rules for furniture arrangement can bring out the best tips to help them to fill in and figure out where are the right places to put every furniture and decoration and maintaining on their concept design at the same time. These guidelines will lead to a correct direction to be able to achieve a professional interior design look with best result and hassle-free. 

1. The Correct space planning – Before diving in the actual selection of furniture, It is a must to do the proper space planning of the area, either it is a new project or rearrangement, it is very important to take the accurate measurement of the entire area. Measure the room’s dimensions, noting the location of windows, doors, heat registers, and electrical outlets, then draw up a floor plan on graph paper using cut-outs to represent the furnishings.

2. Identify the sequence of Circulation – As the Homeowner, you will know which are the furniture and home equipment’s are more useful and important. By then you should prioritize deciding the place or the area that your important things should be placed. Once that it is selected, it is very important to know the sizes, it will help a lot on the proper arrangement of the interior.

3. Selecting the main Furniture’s – Main Furniture’s are the Dining Table, Sofa set, Bed, staircase, etc. These furniture’s play a big role in every area of the house, it will be consuming the main areas of the interior that is why this furniture’s should be selected in priority. The KA Furniture Dubai has the widest Furniture Selection that will surely fit your home interior design.

4. The Interior Contrast Arrangement – As you will be starting to select the main furniture’s for the house, it is always very important to consider the correct matching of colors. The walls design and decoration shall have a good combination result with the entire furniture’s as we as for the ceiling and lighting design.

5. Design Variety – It is not always about the color contrast, The Furniture, and decoration size also matters. The perfect selection of accurate color combinations and sizes of furniture and decoration will bring out the balance for the entire interior design. Tip: Placing the Avoid putting two tall pieces next to each other.

6. Avoid Congestion – Do not block the path or open areas with any large pieces of furniture. Selecting the correct furniture’s and home accessories should always consider the size of the room or the area of the house. Avoid Combining huge furniture and decoration together, remember that successful interior design has to be comfortable.

7. Maintain the Symmetrical Arrangement – Selecting the correct shapes, colors and most especially the materials of every furniture really matters. Symmetrical arrangements of furniture will make a room feel more casual and very comfortable.

8. Materials and Finishing Matters – Indeed selecting premium class materials and high-class standards of finishing really matters in every furniture design. Selecting the Furniture with great materials and finishing will upgrade the entire interior design set up.

9. Identify the Rooms Focal Point – Either it is a bedroom, Living room, Dining Area, Kitchen, etc. There will be a certain focal point that should prioritize and focused to bring out the natural design on it. Furniture’s shall be arranged accordingly. Always deliver the ideal distance between every furniture and should be measured accordingly

10. Selection according to its function – It is important to consider how the room is used the furniture can be functional. The Interior Design of the house always has to be attractive and yet very functional for everyone.

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