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Bedspreads — Practical and Functional Element of Bedroom Decor


Each housewife seeks to create a harmonious interior in her bedroom. With a neatly made bed, morning begins for most people. A bedspread is just a detail, but very important and necessary. This element gives style to design, elegance and completeness, and that is why it should organically complement all other elements of your interior.

Katrina Antonovich Designs Luxury Bedspreads For Perfect Bedroom Interior

Any room in the house will become more refined and stylish if the bed in it is covered with a beautiful textile accessory. In the living room, the bedspread on the sofa will become a chic decoration and will make the interior even more comfortable and homely.

Choosing design of the bedspreads, Luxury Antonovich Home designers advise to focus on the general interior of the room in which you plan to use the product: the color of the walls, lighting, decoration elements — everything matters if you want to buy a bedspread in Dubai that blends in harmoniously and looks perfect against the general background. Pay attention to the main regularity: bedspreads of light shades are suitable for small rooms, and bright, with patterns, for large rooms. Always remember that the overall interior of the room is determined by the coherence of the little things that make it up and, choosing these little things, act thoughtfully, seriously and judiciously.

The main advantages of the bedspread by KA Furniture brand:

  • protective functions — products protect bedding from pollution;
  • decorating component — a beautiful element of decor in any interior;
  • multifunctionality — can also be used as a blanket.


The most popular models of KA Furniture are quilted bedspreads on the bed and sofa, which differ not only in classic but also in modern design, durability and practicality. Products complement the design of the bed, bring sophistication to the interior of the bedroom or living room. Synthetic fiber or natural wool is used as a filler in them, so they are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties.

When choosing and buying bedspreads in Dubai, you will be surprised at the many stylish options offered in our furniture store, so you can use your own taste as well as the recommendations of our professional designers. For example, textiles in a room with a predominance of bright colors should be pastel and restrained, while the typical decoration and traditional design of the room will be significantly refreshed due to the brightness and originality of the fabrics.

If you decide to buy a bedspread, then do not forget to familiarize yourself with the features of caring for it: different fabrics imply somewhat different rules for operation, storage and cleaning. You can also purchase bedspreads for beds, sofas, armchairs in a wide assortment in our online store.

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