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Best Metal Combinations In Furniture Design


The use of metal in the interior is not only a practical technique, but also aesthetically justified. And for designers of Luxury Antonovich Home this is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which we constantly find confirmation: metal in interior design is now at the peak of fashion.

Katrina Antonovich Opens Secrets About Metal In Furniture Design

Any metal surfaces, tastefully inscribed in the interior, will bring it a special gloss. Katrina Antonovich believes that competent and metered use of, for example, gold, bronze or silver will help to create the right atmosphere and style.

Metals, which from season to season can top the list of modern

design trends:

— brass;

— copper;

— iron;

— chrome;

— stainless steel (gold color);

— aluminum.


Despite this, the rest of the metals should not be excluded from your design project, if you like them. In interior design, we often come across different types of metal. Most often it can be chrome, gold or bronze. Gold, of course, is the most luxurious material. With all its appearance, it speaks of the well-being and prosperity of the owners. In the manufacture of furniture and decor elements, of course, not real precious metal is used, but an imitation that is created using paints and spraying. Nevertheless, such products are extraordinary and deservedly popular in KA Furniture collections.

The fashion for the use of metal in furniture design moves from season to season, expanding the boundaries every year. Now there are no strict rules for its use in the home. In the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room, in the hall or in the bathroom — nothing will be bad manners, provided that the dosage is moderate and competent combinations.

The texture of the metal is no less important than its type. And mixed textures are not bad taste at all, so feel free to combine matte and glossy. According to Miss Katrina, chic is in fashion, created by combining the dullness of aged metal with the brilliance of a new one. Aluminum and bronze, tin and gold — such details look modern and stylish.

Gold is far from an innovation in interior fashion, but gold decor and accessories do not give up their position. Designers of Luxury Antonovich Home advise to combine textured gold with chocolate shades and geometric prints of muted shades. Classic decisions of the company tell us that gold feels good next to the main colors such as blue, red, purple, grass green, yellow. Of the softer colors, blue, ocher, cream, lilac and turquoise will do. Black and white as neighbors for gold also look great, as their simplicity underlines its splendor.

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