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Chandelier Design

Exclusive Chandelier Design By Luxury Antonovich Home

The Luxury Antonovich Home has the widest collection of chandeliers in all sorts of category either it is for Commercial, Residential, and Hospitality use. The Luxury Antonovich home is very well known internationally with its amazing creation of Customized Furniture which is recently being in demand with the international market. The Luxury Antonovich Home has experienced bulk orders with international clients for hotels and restaurants. Since the Luxury Antonovich Home has its very own factory and manufacturing for chandelier, it can easily produce the design of the high-end chandelier according to every client’s requirement. As the Top Showroom in UAE, all the exceptional chandelier design has been showcased exclusively at KA Furniture Showroom Dubai.

These Beautiful Chandeliers will perfectly add up an extra drama to your home. The perfect coziness should be felt once you have entered your home, look around and feel the perfect furnishing which is perfectly matched to the lightings that the chandeliers that give a cohesive look to the entire interior. Once you have selected a Chandelier for KA Furniture Showroom, you have selected not only a chandelier but also perfect lighting that will brighten up your full home, it will also bring out grace and elegance to the entire interior design. When choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the size and style of the piece you select.

How to Select the Size of the Chandelier?

Chandeliers enhance the interior design of the room, it brings out a natural dramatic design in the focal point of a room, however, it is very important to consider their dimensions so they can perfectly blend with rather than overwhelm the space. As luck would have it, there’s an easy method to determine how large a chandelier we can pick so it’s the right proportions for your house. Chandeliers come in different heights and width. The advantage of it is that it can cover up the complete lighting for the entire room which is perfectly fitted to the amount of the space varies from home. Aside from the diameter or length and width, you’ll also need to consider how much drop the chandelier has – or how low it hangs in the room.

At KA Showroom Dubai, you can freely choose a chandelier that suits your decor to create that just-so look of your house. The accurate chandelier design will add the perfect edgy vibe to a modern or industrial decor scheme. A Luxurious sparkling chandelier with dangling crystals and a shimmering mirrored base adds just the perfect touch of elegance to a formal classic Theme. Even a room decorated in different metallic design and decor works with the right chandelier. 

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