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Decorate Your Bedroom: Exclusive Bedding Design


Luxury Antonovich Home is the largest online store presenting the best quality bed linen and bedding. Our products are elegant textiles created by the designers of leading European brands. Contact us if you like the highest quality and uniqueness. You can buy bed linen from us, being in any of the cities of the world.

Katrina Antonovich - The Best Manufacturer Of Bed Linen And Beddings

Products presented in Luxury Antonovich Home are high-quality natural materials:

— silk;

— linen;

— cotton;

— jacquard;

— satin;

— organdy and others.

The feature of expensive materials is a thin, but very durable canvas. This effect is achieved thanks to a very dense interlacing of fibers (up to 200 per cm2). Fabric looks graceful, gentle, at the same time, has high wear resistance. Textiles from it will delight you with spectacular looks for many years. Individual fabrics are so exquisite that sets of them do not need additional decoration. For example, luxury silk bedding. Silkworm fibers have a pleasant shimmering shine. Any product from it always looks elegant and attractive.

Secondly, it is hundreds of different techniques of embroidery, lace weaving, printing and other decorative bed linen design. When creating bedding products, not only machine work is used, but also manual labor. It is human skill and continuity of generations that make the products presented in Luxury Antonovich Home unique.


Quality bedding made from natural materials, with stunning embroidery, lace or other decorative trim can be yours right now. To do this, simply open our catalog and order your favorite bed linen. Our online store is able to satisfy even the highest aesthetic claims.

Exclusive quality textiles should be not only beautiful, but also enjoyable to relax. The composition of all the above materials — 100% natural fiber. We guarantee you will sleep comfortably on them. Natural materials are warm, they pass air, and are hygroscopic.

Bedding is not just decoration in the bedroom. Consumer functions are also assigned to it. Therefore, when sewing bedding, our partners manufacturers often combine several types of fabrics. Places that a person directly touches with the body, are sewn from the delicate, thin natural fabric. The front side of the bed cover, ruffles and other decor are sewn from more dense, with a complex texture, sliding materials. Our bedding combines practicality, comfort and beauty.

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