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Design Chairs — Exceptional Comfort for Your Interior


Designer chairs are not just an element of interior. Quite often, it is this type of upholstered furniture that is used to give the room originality, in order to complete the general idea of design. Armchairs having non-standard forms made of original materials will look equally good in your office, in the dining room, and in your favorite bedroom!

Many of our customers are wondering if such original chairs will become unpopular after some period of time. Anticipating your curiosity, we will answer that the unique style inherent in all pieces of furniture by Luxury Antonovich Home presented in the catalog of our products is unlikely to ever lose popularity. Our armchairs today are actively sold not only in Dubai: they are happily bought by customers from other cities of the UAE.


In our online KA Furniture store, we tried to create the most diverse assortment of designer armchairs. All furniture is characterized by increased comfort, which will provide maximum relaxation. In our showroom you can always buy chic designer armchairs created taking into account modern fashion trends, trends from fairly original materials — cashmere, leather, velvet, rattan, acrylic, fiberglass and not only, at competitive prices.

Our chairs, as the subject of aesthetic pleasure, are chosen by those customers who are real fans of a bright, non-standard, spectacular design. The selection criteria are fully consistent with the criteria used for a standard chair:

— maximum harmony with the already created interior;

— safety and long term of perfect service;

— practicality in use;

— functionality.

The main advantage of designer armchairs presented in our KA Furniture store is that they are actually not so difficult to choose for the interior and the general style of the room. Even if this piece of furniture is radically different from everything in the room, it’s enough to find common elements: the color of the chair matches the color of the walls, furniture or curtains in the room, the shape of the armchair matches some interior elements. Our furniture will look very original and exclusive!

We practice an individual approach, a flexible pricing policy, professional advice, we monitor the constant updating of the assortment of furniture, we set favorable terms for paying for the order.

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