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Dining Table Decorations and Accessories Collection

Luxurious Dining Table Set Accessories by KA Furniture Showroom Dubai

A delightful meal deserves a perfect presentation with full of class and glam set up. Every time that you are serving the meals it is very important to consider the full set up arrangement of the dining table as you enhance your culinary experience and allow each dish the space it needs for full enjoyment. The Luxury Antonovich Home has finally brought up all the best and extremely luxurious set of diner wares and accessories. 

A Complete Dining Set up with the prestigious accessories will surely create a great accent for the entire interior design. Let us create your dining room an extra attractive and luxurious by setting up this wonderful collection of accessories. Having its exceptional design with the use of nice blend with the metallic and glass materials was indeed such a gorgeous looking for the entire set. With these amazing dining set accessories by KA Furniture showroom Dubai, every dining experience will surely have an amazing extra treat and enjoyment.

This Luxurious collection of table napkins and napkin holders truly designed to perfection. These wonderful and artistic pieces will be enhancing every dining experience by having sumptuous and luxury styled dinner set up. These table napkins collection is made up of premium class fabrics and absolutely luxurious embroideries and finishing. Our design team has been carefully arranged and match it with a very unique and stylish napkin holder. More of wonderful pieces collection at KA Furniture Showroom Dubai.

 The KA Furniture Showroom Dubai has started to showcase the amazing Luxurious Silver and Dinnerwares collection. Experience all the glamorous and exceptional design only at the top furniture showroom in the UAE, KA Furniture Showroom Dubai. This magnificent Silver and Dinnerwares collection will surely complete your dining room set up with full of glam and style. 

This elegant design plates collection is made up carefully and meticulously. As one of the main parts of every dining set up, the KA furniture Showroom Dubai made it an extra special by creating this wonderful style of every plate. Each piece is made up of premium class materials straight for the diner ware and plates expert, only at our own manufacturing in Italy. 

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