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Huge Furniture Collections in Showroom Jumeirah

The Signature Furniture Collection of KA Furniture Dubai

As the Top Showroom in the UAE, The KA Furniture Dubai is featuring the widest variety of Furniture Collection in different concept design. Since that it has its very own factory and manufacturing team, the Luxury Antonovich home has its world’s top furniture designers and skilled production team. KA Furniture Dubai aims to bring out all the best furniture for your home. All the furniture has been done into a very systematic process of furniture making by using all premium class materials and high standards of finishing. We have a quality control team that is always making sure that all the furniture production has been perfectly polished as it will be ready to showcase at its very own showroom, The KA Furniture Dubai.

Every Furniture that the Luxury Antonovich Home is featuring is made up of outstanding standards of furniture making in a world’s greatest criteria. That means, all the furniture that we are selling is worlds class and yes, it can be perfectly fitted to any be arrange in any part of the world. The KA Furniture Showroom will sure provide nothing but the best furniture for your home.

Is KA Furniture Dubai doing Exports?

The answer is absolute yes! In fact, we have existing clients all over the world. We are currently supplying not only for our Clients with residential furniture needs in the international market but also for establishments such as Commercials, Industrials, Hospitality Industry, Restaurants and more. Since that the Luxury Antonovich Home has its own Manufacturing and Factory we have the best capacity to provide and execute a bulk requirements of every client. We have a very professional and well-practiced logistics team that will smoothly perform the export management of every international order.

The Edge of Having Originality for every Work of Art

The KA Furniture Showroom is a very well known international when it comes to its exceptional work and creating customized furniture. The KA Furniture Dubai concentrates to the importance of originality that will bring out the best satisfaction for every Client. Aside from Customized furniture making, The Luxury Antonovich Design is also the accredited distributor of different top Luxury Brands of Furniture. What are you waiting for? The KA Furniture Showroom Dubai Got all that you need. Visit the KA Furniture Showroom Dubai now and start selecting the best furniture for your home.

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