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Joinery Service and Luxury Wardrobes in Dubai


It is everyone’s dream to have a walk-in closet. People long for the elegance and luxury of it. Imagine having a whole room for your clothes. It feels like you are in a movie. A fairytale in the making. But having a luxury wardrobe would entail a lot of planning. Do you need big cabinets? Do you need more drawers? Or do you want to have more shoe cabinets? In that case, you need to consult an expert in interior design. This is where Luxury Antonovich Home can help you with your joinery service Dubai problem. We can solve every part of your wardrobe design in order for you to have a beautifully created walk-in modern wardrobe.

Katrina Antonovich and her amazing interior ideas

For this article, we run down some of our best designs in the wardrobe. These are planned in order to have a beautiful design that is luxurious and stunning. Here are some creations for you to get inspired in your home. Look into these wardrobe designs:

luxury interiors dubai

For this side of the interior design, the team of Luxury Antonovich Home ha made sure that the wardrobe would have enough spaces for the valuable items and expensive clothing. The hanging clothes are good simply to have a luxury feel for the wardrobe. The door also goes well with the overall look of the interior design. Enough cabinets are also stored in order to have a luxurious interior design. The creators of Luxury Antonovich Home really made this wardrobe for home Dubai interior on point.

door dubai

With enough shoe racks and cabinets, you would not have a hard time organizing your clothing. We at Luxury Antonovich Home value each and every part of the home and we made sure that assortment and details won’t be compromised. The sides of the cabinets have drawers where you can put your valuable stuff. The center of the wardrobe has rows of shoe racks where you can display your valuable shoes. Luxury Antonovich Home also added hangers for your clothing and long sleeves and/or dresses. The cabinets also have several functions where you can put your other stuff.

The overall sides and corners of the interior design is also crafted to make sure that the room would have enough space. You would not have a hard time moving around the wardrobe room because Luxury Antonovich Home has made sure that the design and planning have the right amount of space for clothing changing. We also made sure that the floor and ceiling are beautifully created. The wardrobes Dubai lighting would complement your entire look and the flooring is enough to make the room be more luxurious and stunning. Luxury Antonovich Home is just a call away with your wardrobe inquiries!

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