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Interior decor is the most enjoyable activity in the process of fit-out, repair and arrangement of premises. Chandeliers, wall lamps, carpets, cushions, vases, flowerpots, mirrors and fireplaces — all this makes the room stylish and unusual, gives it personality and color.

Katrina Antonovich

A huge variety of furniture and decor elements in various styles allows us to realize the exclusivity of home design. Today, the consumer pays attention to a harmonious combination of high quality, adequate value and originality of accessories. It is well-known that Luxury Antonovich Home brand meets all these requirements, offering the world a European level of quality, decent prices and the uniqueness of interior decoration items. Our showroom is happy to present numerous collections of decor items, proposing on-time delivery in Dubai and other cities in the UAE.


To give individuality and a peculiar flavor to your home environment, it is worth buying decor items from Luxury Antonovich Home. A competent selection of the necessary accessories and decor items is a rather difficult task, because each correctly placed part should fit into the general style of the interior, and only then your house will be filled with beauty, comfort and warmth. If you decide to decorate the house with exclusive things and want to buy KA Furniture decor items, then before you do this, we recommend analyzing your interior: in which style it is designed, what color scheme prevails in the design, are there any characteristic features of any subject. It is also worth paying attention to what style this or that material of which decor items are made is relevant.



What objects from Luxury Antonovich Home play the role of decor in interior design? The choice is very wide and multifaceted: vases and flowerpots, statuettes and sculptures, caskets and stands for jewelry, candles and candlesticks, screens, baskets, chests, book holders, table decor, decorative flower arrangements, designer sets of board games, and much, much more.


If you want to live in a harmonious atmosphere that delights you and your loved ones with your appearance … If you strive to fill every corner of your home with comfort and coziness… If you think that interior items should not only have a functional purpose, but also warm the soul of households… If you are an opponent of standard solutions and want to turn your imagination into creating an original and stylish interior… Then you are our client!

Indeed, in our showroom you can buy interior items of the most various types! We offer home accessories that can change beyond recognition and give a stylish look to any room in the house. Our store is aimed at creating custom solutions that bring satisfaction not only to the owner of the house, but also to the guests. After all, even the smallest, skillfully selected home accessories can change the nature of the room.


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