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Katrina Antonovich — Leading Furniture Designer In Dubai

Luxury Antonovich Home Company is a guide for the luxury furniture market. We use our experience and the latest technologies to create beautiful and high-quality furniture that differs from its analogues in attractive design and convenience. Our unique and rich collection of top-class furniture and lighting items fully meets the real needs of our VIP clients.

Today, under the brand name of KA Furniture, unique collections of designer furniture, accessories, bespoke lamps and chandeliers are being created. The company’s products are highly valued and are advanced in their field. Luxury Antonovich Home is a synonym for the words “originality”, “style” and “elegance”.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Designer Furniture Brand Store

Factors we pay attention for in a process of furniture manufacture

KA Furniture store, led by Katrina Antonovich, produces an extensive range of designer furniture and decor of various styles, from retro and vintage to modern art nouveau. The factory pays great attention to the environmental friendliness of production, reducing the amount of waste and their proper disposal. The competent leadership of Katrina Antonovich helped the company to gain a foothold in the market thanks to the ongoing process of modernization with a special emphasis on improving production processes, the choice of raw materials and the careful development of products. Katrina is trying to adapt products to modern tastes and market trends. Models of the factory collections are distinguished by the thoughtfulness of every detail, original and recognizable style, they are impressive and fascinating.

Katrina Antonovich Presents Designer Furniture Showroom In Dubai

That is why elite furniture by Katrina Antonovich meets the requirements of even the most demanding VIP customers and is characterized by:

✔ highest quality;

✔ perfect functionality;

✔ ergonomic;

✔ excellent design;

✔ use in production of natural materials;

✔ long term of operation.

Custom-made furniture based on requirements of VIP-clients

The emphasis in the work of Katrina Antonovich is on furniture and lighting design, and her studio is involved in product development and interior design projects. The list of her clients is diverse, it includes many well-known companies and VIPs. Her works are playful and experimental.

Over time, the company grows, as does its product range, and the factory currently produces everything from custom-made furniture to home textiles and exclusive custom accessories. The company continues to develop and delight customers with a fresh design.

Katrina Antonovich Shares Her Professional Advices About Designer Furniture

Luxury Antonovich Home offers to its VIP customers designer furniture, lighting, interior items and accessories with a unique design. According to Katrina Anonovich, everything that is presented in store can be immediately paid for and picked up from the warehouse, i.e. no waiting, all products are in stock. The products presented in the store are developed by the best designers of the company and are the standard of taste and style.

Main points in exclusive furniture design

Comfort in any home in Dubai, whether it is an apartment, villa or a country house, largely depends on the furniture. Thanks to well-chosen interior items, the room acquires its own style and contributes to a comfortable stay. Furniture and lighting products of the Katrina Antonovich factory are invariably in the spotlight of the home lighting design industry and loyal customers. Positioning itself as the creator of exclusive top-class furniture, KA Furniture Showroom is the undisputed leader in its field. We can safely say that the showroom of Katrina Antonovich is one of the leaders in the segment.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Furniture Designer In Dubai

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