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Modern Dubai Wall Panels


Our luxury wall panels can get the most attention because of its beautiful and magnificent designs. The wall panels are crafted to make your room a stand out on its own. It is carefully curated to make sure that you will get beautiful design pieces. The wonderful wall panels are custom made for every client and we make sure that the designs are all unique in every home. Luxury Antonovich Design has crafted multiple wall panels across the globe and some of it can be seen in our showroom. These include some of our finest wall panels and its corresponding furniture designs. We partner the wall panels to its right furniture piece because we believe that your home needs proper coordination and not just individual pieces put together. Our designs can go from theme to theme and we consider collaboration with the designs and the clients as a top priority because your room should be beautiful and lovely. Luxury Antonovich Home has designs ranging from plain colors to the most detailed patterns. The designs can also be created in whatever way you want. Be it simple or complex, we can craft it for you. Your interior design and furniture arrangement are also considered because these are fundamental in creating a stunning home.

Katrina Antonovich - Award-Winning Wall Designer

Luxury Antonovich Home has several wall panels to show you. The first one is a pattern with colors of plain white. The design is like a puzzle and the huge connecting pieces are wonderfully crafted. The off white wall pattern can be used to any types of rooms because it is minimalistic and contemporary. The details are superb and the embossed effect is magnificently well done. The second wall panel has a plain white floral design. Its beautiful embossed detail is super cute and the other elements of the wall panel are not to be ignored. The third wall panel is hexagonal and the contemporary design is surely a good idea for the next interior design of your home. Every design that we created is done with top materials and part of the reason why we have the right design for your home is valued by the way we collaborate with the clients. The needs of the clients are always the top thing that we consider because we have the mission to provide the best designs not only for us but for the client and the family that will live in the place. The wall panels that we create are always on point and we promise that the best designs are always the first in the industry. The wall panels are always luxury in colors and in vibes and we promise to deliver the best.

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