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Top 5 Cool Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen


Sometimes people want to transform the interior of their favorite, but maybe not a new kitchen. But repainting the walls, changing floors and other large-scale fit-out works are not on time and not desired. Because free time for a modern person is a luxury. The kitchen is the room in which we spend a very large amount of time. So why not turn it into the most beautiful and functional place in the house? Simple advice from designers of Luxury Antonovich Home will help you do this quickly.


Quite insignificant, at first glance, changes that require no more than a day can significantly refresh the look of your kitchen and transform its appearance. First of all, you need to pay attention to furniture. If a complete replacement of furniture is not an option, light designer tricks will do. Sometimes it is enough to change the fittings and the cabinets will look updated. Today there is a large selection of colors of quick-drying paints and varnishes that can give the furniture a light vintage look — patina, mother-of-pearl, gilding (depending on the style of the interior). For decorating furniture and walls in a budget option, interior stickers with textures imitations are also suitable. Chairs and stools can be repainted if desired, but if there is no desire to tinker with paint and varnish, then it is enough to order decorative covers for chairs or pillows for stools from our designers.



No less effective, but faster option for changing the interior arrangement is changing the brightness levels of lighting. For changing the lamp, special efforts are not necessary. The choice of a new lighting device is a rather fascinating occupation. An unusual and bright lamp or an exclusive chandelier from KA Furniture showroom can become an accent element of the new kitchen space.


Sometimes in order to refresh the interior of the kitchen, it is enough to pay attention to the window — to clear the window sill from unnecessary items, replace the curtains depending on the time of year or your mood. For the kitchen, it is better to choose light options from natural fabrics. It is important that such curtains were not located close to the stove. Therefore, the designers of our company recommend fixing the curtains close to the window — Roman curtains, presented in a wide range in our showroom, are very convenient for this. On the windowsill itself you can arrange flower pots, with spicy herbs or even exotic flowers.

If you are the owner of beautiful dishes, why hide it in a closet. It will become a wonderful decorative element of the kitchen. To do this, just buy a few open shelves in Luxury Antonovich Home showroom and put a collection of your dishes on them. Beautiful painted plates will look good on the walls, composed in a specific composition — in the form of a rhombus, circle or panel.


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