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Unique Table and Furniture Designs Made Exclusively


You should not disregard the design of your table because we in Luxury Antonovich Home believe that it is one of the best assets that you could come up with. Be it long or small, your table could reflect the personality of your room and your home. Your table should be created with so much concept that goes well with your interior design. It should not be any different from your theme and it should go well with the overall look and feel of your space. Regardless of the size and the dimension, it should be created and done with great details. The design should be fantastic, and Luxury Antonovich Home has created several table furniture in Dubai for you to see in your very own eyes. The creations are magnificent with designs ranging from the simplest to the most complex. We believe that you deserve the best and every design should be created with proper tools and techniques.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Table Furniture

Just like this table, the design is very centered after classic and vintage theme. It goes well with the patterned chairs and walls and the design of the table is custom made for the client. We create designs that are world-class and not only that, we create designs exclusively for the clients wants and needs. We take into consideration that designs that we have created and each and every masterpiece is done by the makers and master designers of Luxury Antonovich Home who have undergone extensive training and workshops to come up with such excellent designs.

This long table has all the beauty that you need. It is available to be seen in our Luxury Antonovich Home showroom with every detail that is magnificent and stunning. The three-legged design is something to consider when you have a long table and Luxury Antonovich Home has made sure that the design is created with enough balance that is sturdy and strong. The base it extra beautiful with materials that are appropriate for its long table structure.

This huge round table is something else! Who does not dream of having a fine dinner here? The design is out of this world! We created this stunning round table with the intention of showing royalty, luxury, and extravagance. The design is just magnificent and we believe that you will love this. Dining here would feel like you are eating in a five-star hotel because of its details and materials. The furniture around it is also stunning and the overall idea is magnificent and adorable. The vintage brown that comes with a red accent is something to consider if you wish for extra luxury in your home!

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