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Villa designer interior

Luxury Interior Design for Villa

Luxury Antonovich Home has been developing different types of villa interior design and architectural all over the world, in different concept designs and requirements. The team has been very well known in its consistency in every successful project turnkey which has been fully being accomplished with the best quality and luxurious design set up from the first stages of work up to the finishing touches. This villa interior design has more requirements in joinery works wherein the full interior design has a special accent of a wooden art worked in every ceiling and walls and being extended along with the doors design, wardrobe and kitchen areas. Artistic gypsum works has been surrounded in every area and being perfect matches along with a creative waterjet design. Notice how artistic and glamorous every furniture has been well selected and being arranged accordingly that bring out the perfect set of decoration setting.

We have emphasized comfort and art in implementing the full villa design wherein we have arranged several art figures such as a set of paintings, sculptures and the grand piano that gives a main attraction in the sitting area.

Stages of Work to achieve the most Luxurious interior design for Villa:

  • Development of Drawing/ Layout – From its original layout, our team will be developing the full arrangement of the project layout and being organized according to the client requirement.
  • Development of Interior Design – The concept design is being discussed and implemented that will be presented to client by producing a 3D visualization by our creative team. Each part of the house such as the floors and areas are being designed and styled according to the concept design selected.
  • Selection of Materials – We will be presenting different types of sets of materials and furniture in different levels of composition and price wherein the client will be subjected to select according to their budget and desired style.
  • Supervision – Our project managers and interior designers are doing the supervision for every project most importantly in the implementation stage to make sure that each material will be accurately installed according to the approved design.

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