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Welcome To KA Furniture Showroom Dubai

“KA Furniture Showroom Dubai” – The Top Furniture Showroom in UAE

The KA furniture Dubai has been very well known from local and international clients with its outstanding work for every furniture design. We have the greatest capacity to provide a bulk order for the local or international market either it is for residential, commercial or industrial use. As the top furniture showroom in the UAE, The KA furniture Dubai has been carefully designed with an elegant touch of luxurious. The KA showroom Dubai is inspired by the purest luxurious collection that embraces the latest trend in furniture design and featuring modern technologies such as the smart home system. It was indeed a great advantage that the Luxury Antonovich Home has it’s own factory and manufacturing. It is consisting of the high-end professional furniture designers and production team which are carefully crafting every furniture pieces to meet perfection. 

Chandelier Collection

The KA FURNITURE Dubai has a very talented and professional production team which are engaged with full passion for excellence when it comes to chandelier design. We can do customized and luxurious chandelier which are commonly used in the hotel lobby, reception areas and building entrance areas. We have the delivery services that will carefully transfer all your order door to door. The KA furniture Dubai has a very professional and skilled team that is responsible for the chandelier installation and fixing to be able to assure that every chandelier will be properly installed correctly.

Wall Paneling

Upgrade your interior design by having this artistic wall decorations and paneling that will give an extra luxurious and style. We can do all the wall paneling art of cutting technique, wall paneling installation and fixing.


The KA furniture showroom Dubai is showcasing a wide selection for carpet design with different materials and finishing. We have a very professional team that is doing the latest technology in doing the carpet installations.

Curtains and fabrics

We have a Luxurious and trendy style collection of curtains which are made up of premium class materials and fabrics with very stylish and artistic embroidery. Every curtain will be perfect hanging especially with very beautiful accessories which the KA. Furniture showroom is offering also. We are letting every client select and decide for the perfect match of accessories that will fit their curtains design.


The KA furniture Dubai is the bespoke for joinery works as I have gathered the most professional team for the joinery works for your home. We can do the stylish joinery works, installation and fixing whether it is for your kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe or another part of your home.

Smart home system

Embrace modern technology of interior design and experience the best comfort by having the smart home system to your home. Have a very amazing and convenient home by monitoring the lighting’s, temperature, music and more. The smart home system is the best security that can be implemented and well monitored by the homeowner. The Luxury Antonovich Home’s interior designers and consultants are always ready to assist and educate you for the smart home system.

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