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Best designer interior decoration


This interior design arrangement is the best definition of uniqueness as the Luxury Antonovich home has been performing an extraordinary design performance. Every decoration and furniture design installed are perfectly well coordinated at the same time, our team has been carefully selected type of furniture design with a great composition of materials and finest finishing all is made up from the premium class quality. We have been provided some of our customized design and furniture styles and that is another reason why it has been the best designer interior decoration. What makes this interior design special is that the selected hues and texture which is not a typical style in every interior design setting. We have combined the best design from the walls and gypsum work design to the furniture design selected to achieve a neutral style.

It has been such a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich Home to have its own Manufacturing and factory as it has the full ability to supply the complete interior design requirement of every project with the exact design and quality needful. The detailed walls design and decorations have been very attractive as it embodies the creative elegant design of gray and gold. Luxury Antonovich Home team has been considered as the best designer interior decoration as it embodies pure professionalism and skillful work which are always visible in every interior design arrangement that we are creating, just like every sitting area interior design which perfectly matching furniture design and glamorous chandeliers. To enhance every interior design arrangement, Luxury Antonovich Design has been installed several artistic wall paneling designs which have been very stylish and luxurious.

Being the best designer interior decoration, we can say that creating every interior design arrangement with the proper balance on style, design coordination, and spacious areas always result in a very luxurious and pleasant interior which is very important to be always top of the line. We are always ensuring that the client’s points and requirements will be surely considered as it will embody the best uniqueness and exclusivity towards every project. This luxury interior design Dubai by Luxury Antonovich Home has a sensitive stylistic layout, furniture and solid pieces for your home setting; bringing an uncommon and individual touch while showing astounding shapes, surfaces. Superb complex format mixed with a brilliant structure is major to your style with a remarkable and delightful look and feel. 

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