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Reasons to Hire Professional Landscape Designer

Who needs a landscape designer and why — today it’s clear to everyone. The owners of suburban real estate (from cottage to villa) and even those residents of the metropolis who care about the appearance of their courtyards need such services. How not to make a mistake and find a real professional?

Many years ago, Luxury Antonovich Home Company began its artistic landscape work under the leadership of Katrina Antonovich, and every year we observe a continuous rise and expansion of the range of her work. Her landscape works naturally fit into the natural and architectural surroundings in Dubai and the whole UAE and even beyond, stand out for their individuality of style and richness of semantic composition, look miraculous. Using associative and abstract thinking, our designers are constantly in a state of complete mobilization of their creative forces and capabilities and, following the traditions of garden art, continuously create voluminous works of art from elements of living nature. All these elements, obeying the laws of composition, are combined into a single ensemble.

How to Design The Perfect Landscape?

The garden designed by Luxury Antonovich Home is a reflection of your spiritual world. The main goals of landscape art are the unity of nature and architecture, their balance and harmony, the autonomous development of the created garden according to the laws of nature without the active participation of man. Our company develops innovative design solutions in the creation of landscape compositions, using it in combination with traditional techniques.

The plot and the house, made in one landscape-architectural solution, create a feeling of harmony and completeness. Landscaping can be designed as a continuation of the architectural idea and interior of your home. Our company individually approaches the creation of each project, helps its customers find the best option for the beauty of the landscape. It will reflect not the trends of fashion and technology, but your internal needs, embodied in excellent landscape design.

Benefits of a Professional Landscape Design

Landscaping created by Luxury Antonovich Home professionals, like nothing else, will help restore strength and peace of mind. An experienced landscape architect and designer, understanding the therapeutic function of the garden, will offer you such a form and content that will contribute to the opportunity to relax by an artificial pond, relieve the burden of a hard day at the rock garden and restore strength by walking along cobbled paths or a smooth lawn.

A playground for children on a soft green lawn, an arbor for parents by an artificial reservoir — landscape and architectural zoning, which provides relaxation and interest to each family member, exotic or garden plants on the site, and exterior evening lighting. You can list for a long time. Moreover, each garden created by Luxury Antonovich Home professionals carries its own set of convenient and useful elements of landscape design for its owner.

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