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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation And Replacement of the product will be allowed for several reasons according to Company Management:

  • if the wrong product was sent by our mistake;
  • if the product is improper;
  • product damage during shipping process;
  • if delivery time does not meet the requirements (delivery terms).

If item is not available

Luxury Antonovich Site displays all products that are available to order and are in stock. If your order is unique, or should be made exclusively for your parameters — check this information with our customer service consultant.

All products presented on the site you can easily order in unlimited quantities. Luxury Antonovich Home does not put any restrictions on the number of purchased products.

Order Cancellation Procedure

If the goods (color, size, characteristics) did not suit you and you want to return it — there are no problems.

Luxury Antonovich Home gives you a unique opportunity to cancel an order. It is possible only until the dispatch of your order to the shipping address. In rare and exclusive cases, we can provide the possibility of cancellation after delivery. Such nuances are allowed only with the permission of the Company Management.

Cancel an Order is Possible

By calling +971 4 333 3709 and calling the order number to our customer service representative;

By writing a letter by e-mail [email protected] specified in contacts. Opening hours: from Sunday to Thursday — from 9 to 18 hours GST.

Cancellation of the Order is possible before your order shipment.

You can also change the address of your delivery until the order is shipped.

Receiving a Refund after Order Cancellation

In cases when you place an order for goods that are not in stock, Luxury Antonovich Home cancels the order and returns the funds on your credit balance of the store (updates store credit balance).

After the Order Cancellation before shipment, your money is credited within 48 hours. Thus, you can continue to make purchases in our store through the updated credit balance.

The Refund Procedure after the Cancellation of the Order takes place within 48 hours (in the case of payment of the order by the credit balance of the store, and by using a Credit and / or Debit Card.

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