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A luxury mansion requires the finest interior design setting. Choosing the best furniture design can be the most challenging task to perform in developing a luxury mansion interior design. When selecting the best furniture for every interior setting, it is very important to conduct the right space scheming procedure to be able to achieve the perfect balance in style. Luxury Antonovich Home is the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai that offers complete services for interior design, fit-out, and furniture production. It has the most expert and talented interior designers that have the full ability to deliver the finest interior design services.

Luxury Antonovich Home is located at the heart of the city of Dubai which has been very accessible to every client. It features the widest selections of luxury furniture design that is perfectly suitable in all sorts of luxury projects such as elegant mansions, luxury villas, prestigious hotels, offices, commercial establishments, and even industrial properties. Luxury Antonovich Home is also very famous as the creator of customized furniture design and other exquisite decorations such as extra huge chandeliers, personalized furniture, 3D carpets design, family crest, etc.

No doubt that Luxury Antonovich Home has been always the top of the choice of every elite personality, VIP’s, Royal Families, and world top leaders in developing their luxurious properties such as palaces, Royal Villas, Luxury mansions, and modern apartment design located at different prime cities of the world. Luxury Antonovich Home also offers great fit-out works and furniture installations that assure every piece of furniture and decorations will be very well installed exactly according to the proposed design of the project. Luxury Antonovich Design delivers the most sustainable and efficient services to achieve the most excellent interior design setting for every luxury mansion.  

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