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Premium Interior Design Execution and Full Services Straight From the Hands of Experts!

As the Top Furniture Showroom in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Home has been extended its full capacity to provide all the best interior design executions and Services for every Project. Having the World’s Top Interior Designer Dubai and very skilled consultants have been automatically the advantage to execute different project design implementations and development from very systematic planning and selection of decorative materials as well as the Furniture Design and Quality. That means, the KA Furniture Showroom Dubai has been an instant Interior Designer for every Client that needs the full attention and development with their interior design requirements by selecting the right furniture and decorations for their home. 

Antonovich Home – Professional Interior Company in Dubai

Antonovich Home Dubai will provide the full Interior Design Services from A to Z. As it has its own Factory and Manufacturing, It has the best Capacity to produce bulk order of Furniture and Home Decorations as well as more stylish design. KA Furniture Showroom Dubai has a very skilled and professional Production team that Executed different Luxurious and Exclusive style as they have been internationally competitive with its world-class knowledge in Furniture production. KA Furniture Showroom Dubai can do specialized unique and customized furniture for a more personalized design of every Furniture.
KA Furniture Showroom Dubai has the widest selection of Furniture and complete interior design materials to let every client select their own pick and personalized design that will be very much suitable for their taste. At KA Furniture showroom Dubai, every Client will be welcome with the professional Consultants and Interior Design Specialist to provide them the prompt assistance and warm hospitality. There, our Professional Services will be started as every client will be perfectly guided with the step by step procedures for Selecting the best Furniture and home decoration design at the same time is providing them the best advice and consultancy. 

Are you looking for the Best Interior Designer in Dubai?

KA Furniture Showroom Dubai has a very Proficient Team that will sure to do the deliveries always on time. Ant to achieve the perfect Furniture Set up and arrangement, we can do the installation of every Furniture, Chandelier, Lighting, Carpet, and Curtains. We are using different types of cutting machine and advance technology for the special cut of every Marble, Tiles as well as installing it with perfect touch is elegance. We provide all the best Selections for the full Luxury Interior Design Decoration and Materials which are all made up of Premium Class Materials and finest finishing. Having our own Manufacturing and Factory assure to provide all the Best Luxurious design with a very reasonable and belter price range.

Our location: Al Wasl Road, Al Badaa, Jumeirah, Dubai Unit no. 4, Bldg. Plot No, 333-1103

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