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Black Chandeliers And Their Role In Modern Interior


Wanting to change the space around you and trying to find your stylistic solution in the interior, you should pay attention to the black chandelier. It will be the main element in the design of the room, as it combines two functions at once — lighting and room decoration. Black chandelier in interior instantly attracts attention. Creating such an emphasis, you do not have to worry about other details of the interior. Dark chandelier will become the center of attention and will make any interior around itself luxurious and mysterious. Such models are bought to decorate rooms in classical style, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Gothic.

Katrina Antonovich Designs Modern Black Chandeliers

The color scheme of the ceiling light plays an important role in interior design. Contrary to popular belief that pastel colors are preferable, dark opaque shades are a fashion trend and are actively used by modern designers of KA Furniture. A properly selected black chandelier looks elegant and appropriate.


Luxury Antonovich Home showroom offers a wide selection of lighting equipment, here you can find and buy chandeliers of different colors, sizes and styles. Our catalog presents a huge variety of lighting equipment so that you can choose the most suitable chandelier for your interior.

Black color has its own dynamism, goes well with various tones in the interior. Dark chandelier will be a harmonious complement to the interior in white colors. These are two contrasting shades that will create a bright design. If the room already uses black decor, lighting equipment of a similar shade will only emphasize the expressiveness of details. Even in rooms where bright accents are created, dark details will create the necessary contrasts.

The materials from which black chandeliers by KA Furniture are made are traditional:

— crystal

— metal;

— glass with a coating;

— fabrics.

The lampshade is made in the widest variety of forms, and can be:

  • solid;
  • have curly transparent inserts;
  • made of openwork forging panels.

Inner surface of the lampshade is coated with a metal coating, or paint, designed to reflect light. The quality of lighting from such a lamp is not inferior to analogues that are made of frosted glass, or a fabric of a different color. It is acceptable to dilute black crystal with a silver-plated or gilded frame. In this case, it is advisable to dilute the overall picture of the room with additional elements to match the color of the lamp frame. When buying a chandelier, give preference to lighting devices with a remote control. This eliminates the need to get out of bed in order to turn off the lights.

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