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Cozy and Stylish Interior Created With Glass Decor


Art glass is very popular today in the design of interiors. Elements of decorative glass give the appearance of the rooms a unique style and personality. Glass decor of KA Furniture naturally fits into any interior, whether it be a classic living room or a high-tech room, and allows you to create a unique play of colors that does not cease to please the eye.

Katrina Antonovich Presents Her Designer Glass Decor

Art glass will easily and elegantly beat space not only in a country house, villa or apartment, but also in a restaurant or conference room. Today, this unique element of decor has become widely available: anyone with a delicate artistic taste and sense of style can afford to buy glass decor.


Stained-glass decor by KA Furniture store is a real work of art created from many colored pieces of art glass of various shapes and textures. When combined, they form original compositions that become a true decoration of the house.

Multi-colored vases, sculptures, bowls, glasses and many other glass products are a great addition to the design. When buying them, remember that in a modern apartment simple, glass decorations are not overloaded with decor. Their shape and color can be combined with the general color of the rooms according to the principle of nuance or contrast harmony. So, a blue glass vase is in harmony with a light gray wall or drapery. A bright red vase on the same background creates a contrasting harmony.

In the common room you can put glass sets, decorative dishes, vases. No dishes are needed in the bedroom, study, rooms for children and youth. The bedroom can be decorated with small glass flower vases, a candlestick, a figurine. In the office, rooms for children and youth themed dishes, vessels, sculptures, candlesticks, vases are appropriate. All these glass decor items can be placed on cabinets, shelves, stands, stands.

Colored glass products by KA Furniture our consultants advise placing on a light background. If you want to gently fit decorative glass jewelry into your interior, then pay attention to products with a combination of glass with metal, wood or leather. Glass decor presented in Luxury Antonovich Home showroom becomes a non-banal vision of a classic accessory. The creative approach and modern glass processing technologies have allowed us to create such a unique version of glass decor, which becomes an exquisite decoration of your interior. Good taste and a sense of proportion will help you to make your home beautiful and cozy.

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