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Designer Lighting For Perfect Interior


Professional and qualified lighting design has long been not a fashionable trend, but a style of everyday interior that anyone can design in their own taste. But lighting is not only a condition of life, in our high-tech time it is also an exquisite way to reveal the world in special colors and tones that express the very essence of personal space.


In Luxury Antonovich Home you can choose and buy modern chandeliers, lamps and floor lamps, spotlights or built-in designer lighting of the best production to create a unique atmosphere in any room. Our catalog contains not only unusual lamps in modern style, but also original chandeliers in an exquisite art deco style and luxurious design lamps of classic style.

We make to order such types of lighting:

  • ceiling (directional and diffused type);
  • suspended (with control of the height and direction of the light stream);
  • wall-mounted (decorative sconces);
  • spotlights for functional differentiation of premises;
  • floor lamps;
  • small mobile (LED spots);
  • track light (line-voltage tracks);
  • desk lighting for tables, bedside tables and dressers.



Luxury Antonovich Home has its own production facilities and is primarily aimed at creating lighting fixtures and systems manually. In addition to custom-made chandeliers and lamps, we also offer our services in designing your interior with designer lighting.

We provide services for calculating lighting and creating models for specific projects: hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes. We develop and offer a wide selection of types of lighting installations:

  • for premises (residential, office, public);
  • for architecture (lighting of buildings, monuments, structures);
  • for industry (storage facilities, exhibition centers);
  • for street and landscape design;
  • for decorative visualization.


Our company offers a huge selection of original designer lighting with a bright, distinctive character; each of them can turn an empty room into a stylish modern interior, and can become an art object in the museum of modern art. These lamps and chandeliers are designed by recognized top designers of our brand. Luxury Antonovich Home is constantly developing and mastering new directions, we are always open to innovations and creative approach so that our lighting is the best in the UAE. We always strive for the best solutions!


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