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Designer Sofas Collection — Choose Your Interior Emphasis


Designer sofas are not only practical upholstered furniture and a comfortable berth, but also an original element of decor. A correctly selected sofa will become a real decoration of the room, make an unobtrusive emphasis on the excellent taste of home-owners and give the overall design of the room a harmonious completeness.

Katrina Antonovich Presents New Sofas Collection

Finding the right option in Dubai is very easy, but how to make the right choice? Our designers advise first of all to pay attention to the shape, material, upholstery, armrests, legs and some other details. As for the design, the most popular models are considered as corner, double, modular, triple, non-standard options by KA Furniture brand.

Luxury Antonovich Home furniture manufacturing process combines the traditions of furniture crafts and the latest innovative solutions recognized around the world. The production facilities of our factory, located in the UAE, meet high standards, which ensures high quality furniture that you can buy online in Dubai. Our sofas are made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials. The factory manufactures a huge number of units of goods, which confirms the popularity and relevance of our furniture in the world market.


Compliance with the latest furniture market trends and ensuring maximum comfort for the client of KA Furniture showroom are the main principles that are inherent in every piece of furniture.

Sofas for your interior by Luxury Antonovich Home are conditionally divided into 3 collections types:

— A variety of design, color, decoration materials. The collection of such sofas allows you to realize the most daring ideas and create a unique piece of furniture that will become a dynamic element of the interior.

— The creation of comfort and warmth in the interior. Ideal sofas for a pleasant conversation with family and close friends. With the furniture from this collection, time will fly by quickly.

— An ideal opportunity to rest and relax. Sofas with a combination of individual design and maximum comfort of each piece of furniture allows you to create a special world of relaxation at home.

The KA Furniture catalog includes exclusive sofas (2,3,4,5,6,7-seater, corner, folding), couches, sofa beds, loves eats. Please note that our furniture implies the possibility of choosing the color and finishing material, its individual components (for example, the color and texture of the fabric, leather; filling material; the color and material of the legs, etc.) provided by the factory catalog.

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