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Different Extravagant Mirrors to Use for Your Next Interior


Furniture shops in Dubai are booming and Luxury Antonovich Home is one of the top companies to have a showroom on its own. The company has a huge selection of furniture, be it a mirror or other pieces, that are in great quality and in amazing designs. Choose from our designs and buy furniture for your home today! Luxury Antonovich Home is a master in utilizing mirrors and it isn’t new to us, it’s a staple for a reason as we believe it reflects light, opens up a room, and makes space feel breezy. Much like different ageless patterns, the approaches to style a surrounded piece just continues developing and advancing. Today, the spotlight is on luxury mirrors and how it flawlessly supplements any finishing style. It’s been said a thousand times previously: mirrors are useful answers to make little spaces appear to be bigger. Regardless of where you choose to put one, it’s a simple method to open up a room without spending a great deal. The best masterpieces for luxury homes are mirrors. Whenever situated appropriately, a mirror can take the eyes and give the fantasy of greater space. It additionally gets light, particularly in homes with restricted space of characteristic light. There are additionally a lot of elective ways you can do to create an impression while as yet reflecting light into your home. Look at the mirrors that we created exclusively.

Katrina Antonovich - Top Designer for Mirrors

Luxury Antonovich Home is a pioneer in creating mirrors that act not only as functional furniture but also a beautification piece in the room. We have furniture in Dubai that are available in our showroom and the designs are sure to be stunning. Visit our royal furniture pieces to see more of it in its own beauty. In case you’re not very enthused about typical rectangular mirrors, we are introducing full luxurious mirrors in gold colors. To shield it from being bewildering, the key is to utilize numerous rich materials. Basic regions like the living and lounge areas, in addition, bedrooms get moment glitz with mirrors. Position the mirror where it can get daylight and withdraw it towards the dimmer side of the room. Setting gigantic mirrors in thin or cramped territories can likewise make the room feel less claustrophobic. We ensure that the mirror reflects zones that you need to feature. Besides giving the room a luxurious vibe, these three mirrors are filling a luxurious home’s needs—it makes the fantasy of a greater space through reflection, it makes visual enthusiasm as the color palette of the mirror is very stunning.

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