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Elegance And Beauty Of Luxury Antonovich Home Showroom


Luxury Antonovich Home — this is the name of the exclusive furniture showroom of the famous KA Furniture brand factory, which opened in the center of Jumeirah. The author of the project, Katrina Antonovich, has not in vain opted for a designer approach to the interior and furniture. Luxury Antonovich Home is engaged in design and performs the full cycle of production of designer furniture, and has become a classic of interior art, dictating fashion trends and falling into the desires of customers around the world. Warm grace, flowing lines, attractive tactility, animated forms, appropriate color schemes and, most importantly, absolute functionality.

Katrina Antonovich Visits Grand Opening Of Luxury Antonovich Home Showroom

The brand leader, design guru Katrina Antonovich, a true artist and inspired design theorist, set the bar high. She calls her work a personalized design and explains that she is trying to give the furniture tenderness, sensuality and simple elegance. This explains the lightness, grace of the objects composed by her and careful thoughtfulness in working with textures.


At the ceremony dedicated to the opening of KA Furniture Showroom, as well as the celebration of Katrina Antonovich’s birthday, she spoke about her professional secrets and about the special models created for the brand. Almost everything that may be required to create a unique interior in one of today’s fashionable directions can be found within the walls of our show room. Always up-to-date, fresh and original brand collections. Thousands of satisfied customers, hundreds of refined interiors confirm that Dubai highly values the unique style and excellent furniture quality.

Residents of Jumeirah will be able now to purchase furniture, light and interior items of our unique production, and interior designers will find in us a reliable partner with whom it is easy and pleasant to work. The opening of our showroom is the opening of a new professional venue for architects and interior designers. In our new Luxury Antonovich Home showroom, ordinary customers and specialists in the design of both private and commercial premises will be able to receive comprehensive services: consult with specialists, get advice on interior decoration, get acquainted with new technologies, test, select and order the necessary furniture directly on place, meet with the supplier and demonstrate possible live design options.

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