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Exclusive Doors from Luxury Antonovich Home


Doors are essential in every home, but what makes a good door? Is it the design? Is it the material? Or is it the color? Regardless, your door should be made in a high-quality theme that would look good in your interior design. To give you an idea of what a good door looks like, here are some designs that the Luxury Antonovich Team has created for your future home.

Katrina Antonovich is a top designer for doors

We always make sure that our luxury interior Dubai designs would go well with everything. Be it a front door or a restroom door, it does not matter because we always value the beauty of a place no matter the size or shape. Here are the doors that you might want to consider for your next house:

luxury interiors dubai

This gorgeous gold and peach door is beautifully crafted because of its luxurious material. The glass accent adds beauty to the overall theme of the door. Its pattern is embossed squares also adds value to the luxurious front door. The design is simple and is made with so many details. The simplicity of it makes the door more stunning and beautiful. The other modern doors Dubai in cream color has patterns in mid-century format. Its beautiful gold outline adds beauty to the cool interior design. Its texturized finish is reminiscent of those in the past.

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This front door is also one of a kind because of its magnificent diamond pattern. The center design adds to the beauty of the door and the overall patterns of the door make the design more interesting. In the closer photo, you will notice how the details were made and how the team of Luxury Antonovich Design has made sure that the design is beautiful, stunning and luxurious all the same time. The silver design is also created in a very stunning way with the patterns crafted to give a vintage design for the house.

doors for home dubai

Another beautiful design by the team of Luxury Antonovich Home is this beautifully crafted wooden door in stunning strong brown. The design is created with gold and wood accent. The details are created with stunning features with brown and embossed accents. With this design, you will have a door that has intricate details that everyone in the family would appreciate the doors for home Dubai.

classical doors dubai

The beautiful execution of off-white color is a good take if you have a house that is clean and neat. In this kind of door, you will have a room with fewer details and it would look extra clean and beautiful at the same time. Having a simple exclusive door Dubai with fewer accents can make your room more beautiful because the attention would go to other parts of the home.

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