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Exclusive Furniture Collection by Katrina Antonovich


Violet is something that is very luxurious and sophisticated, and partnering it with gold would turn your room in a space full of richness and lavishness. That is the goal in this newest collection by Luxury Antonovich Home. Our take on luxury is above everyone else because we have mastered the art of doing it! Luxury Antonovich Home’s showroom is available to be visited in Jumeirah and we are excited to show you this stunning work of art that went from meticulous and vigorous undertakings by our artists, designers, as well as supervised by our interior designs. Katrina Antonovich, the head of Luxury Antonovich Home, is proud to present to you this beautiful collection. The company has created several designs that are top-notch and this collection is no exception. Available in the showroom to be viewed by yourself. We are excited to have you in our showroom and to have this collection presented in front of you. Visit us today to know more of this!

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Exclusive Furniture

Brown and all of its shades will always be stunning. This bedroom collection with the furniture in it is stunning and immaculate. The combination of the colors and each and every furniture is world-class and you will definitely love to stay in this place even more. Your bedtime is about to turn into something more beautiful with the help of Luxury Antonovich Home. This brown shaded bedroom with each picture frames, bed, headboard, pillowcases, lampshades, cabinets, and a lot more went through a studied process to create and examine which works best in each undertaking. The outcome is stunning and the design turned out to be amazing work. Luxury Antonovich Home put their hearts and soul in every design that they make and this is one example of it.

A table that is above the normal. We are excited to show this table because of its uniqueness and its out of the world design. Your home office would be a lot more stunning with the help of Luxury Antonovich Home. Our take on the office set up should be: functional, luxurious, and beautiful. All of the three, when combined together, creates a stunning space that you would wish to stay at in longer hours. Luxury Antonovich Home is very keen on doing office spaces because we believe that it affects the productivity of the one using it. Hence, every furniture in this photo is economical and functional. The colors are stunning and the combination of each and every product is a work of art. Do not forget that this is done by Luxury Antonovich Home and its amazing pool of talents.

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