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Exclusive Sofa in KA’s Showroom


Our furniture in Luxury Antonovich Home has all the theme and style that you need. We have created the most stunning masterpieces that you will surely love. Above all, these designs are available in our showroom. From chairs to sofas, we have it all for you. Be in love with our designs when you see it in person. Message us for our availability and we are always ready to assist you. The designs that we have displayed in our showroom are all top-notch with materials, colors, details that are magnificent in every aspect. KA’s enormous showroom has state-of-the-art designs which are up to par with the international standards.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Sofa

This cream-colored sofa is very elegant, luxurious and extravagant. This will suit the lifestyle that you always long for. The colors and details are stunning. The minimalist design will add extravagant to your room. The curved board at the back is unique and will provide luxury to your living room. The sofa is one of the cleanest that we at Luxury Antonovich Home, have created. This sofa design is limited only so hurry and have yours today! Katrina Antonovich, the company’s leader, along with her team is ready to show you this masterpiece in person. Visit our showroom to see the beauty of it.

Gray, patterns, and blacks. This color combination is surely minimalist, modern and extravagant. The details are sophisticated and the design is out of this world. This color combination is for those that are into strong designs. This sofa gives off a gender-neutral feel with is the magnificence of color and materials. The creation is available in our showroom so head over to our place and see this sofa with your eyes. We are sure you will love this masterpiece! 

Red and velvet. What more can you ask for? If you wish to have a luxury sofa, then this is the perfect choice for you! The design is very luxurious and feminine. If you are after the bold designs with bold colors than this sofa in our showroom is the right selection for your home! The sofa is created with so much love that is very evident to the creation. You will love it when you see it in person!

Glossy and stunning. Everything that you need in a stunning place! Be extra luxurious with this classic shiny gray creation. The sofa is superb and the details and the materials are amazing. The creation is done by Katrina Antonovich and is available in the showroom as well. This design is done for those rooms with a classic design and we are sure that this will rightfully fit the space that you have!

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