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Home Theatre Furniture: Custom Seats For Luxury Comfort


Home cinema is a great way to relax and have a good time with family, friends and even yourself. It’s nice to plunge into a soft chair with a recliner and relax from a hard day watching a movie. When equipping a home theater system, you should immediately think about the comfort that a comfortable sofa or armchair gives. What does the home theater lack to match the level of the same multiplexes? Special sofas and armchairs with comfortable armrests and extendable footrests. Due to its design features, this specific furniture allows you to relax and focus on what is happening on the screen while watching.

Katrina Antonovich And Custom Furniture For Home Theater

Upholstered furniture for a home theater by KA Furniture is not just an element of luxury, it is also a means for an effective relaxation. A comfortable position is always important for our body, especially if you sit on the couch for several hours in a row watching a movie or another sports match. The role of furniture for a home theater is to ensure the correct and comfortable position for the human body, so that rest will be much more effective, and emotions will be brighter.


The thrill of relaxing on KA Furniture items, which is done correctly and efficiently, is not comparable with anything. The effect of relaxing on such a sofa will be much more noticeable. A special mechanism of a sofa and armchairs is responsible for a quality rest of the body and a pleasant viewing of films in home theater. Almost all models of home theatre furniture have a transformer function. Such furniture can be equipped with an electric or mechanical recliner, a minibar or a place for books can be built into it. The type of upholstery may also be different. Our Luxury Antonovich Home showroom offers an assortment of more than 200 upholstery options, among which there are various types of leather (Italian, Dutch), velvet and velour.

Upholstered furniture for home theaters is a sofa or a set of several armchairs with armrests, in which there are special cup holders. Also, an important feature of furniture by KA Furniture brand is a variety of shapes. Cinema sofas can take the following form:

  • direct;
  • angular;
  • sofa-chair.

You can choose a furniture design for any interior of the room, which will allow it to combine perfectly with other elements of the room and the whole house, reflecting your taste and style. The modern variety of forms and models of sofas and armchairs presented in our catalog allows you to create an individual set of furniture for your home theater.

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