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Italian Dining Table Dubai: the Most Beautiful Furniture Collection


Italian dining tables and chairs — this is perhaps one of the most popular offers from Europe, which is in demand in the furniture market of Dubai and the whole UAE. They are used not only in home apartments, but also in the interior of cafes, restaurants, hotels and many other public places.

Italian Dining Table Dubai: the Most Beautiful Furniture Collection

Today, buying an Italian dining table in Dubai is not difficult. However, true quality, style and exclusivity is still not so easy to find even in Dubai. Experienced buyers prefer to select interior items from the best brands not in places of mass congestion of various furniture, but where real experts work who cooperate exclusively with elite manufacturers. And this place is Luxury Antonovich Home showroom.

Katrina Antonovich and Best Italian Dining Table Assortment

Italian dining furniture is a product that quite often changes its appearance, thanks to innovative developments and technologies. Italian dining tables are made of wood, glass, plastic, metal and marble. Table decoration depends on the style and purpose of the products. In our KA Furniture showroom, both modern and classic collection of furniture for the dining room is presented. Classic models can be made of marble, and gold is often used for decoration. Carving, patination, intarsia are popular types of decoration of classic models from solid wood of expensive Italian brands.

Katrina Antonovich Presents Best Dining Table Collection


The assortment of Italian dining tables in contemporary style by Luxury Antonovich Home is striking in its ingenuity, offering various design options, creating an unusual design for models with non-standard functions. For example, Italian dining table transformers, which are produced by many well-known companies, help optimally solve the problem of lack of space in the room.

Products are created by craftsmen who preserve the traditional secrets of material processing. As a result, such tables are refined, stylish and very beautiful. They are preferred because of the obvious advantages:

Italian Dining Table Collection

  • Material. Dining tables from Italy are often made of solid wood, natural stone and heavy-duty glass, which makes them strong and durable. All materials are environmentally friendly, having a flawless appearance and unique texture, so each model is a work of art in its own way.
  • Design. The skillful hands of Italian masters produce tables for the dining room, decorated in various directions: classic, art deco, modern, baroque and Provence. For connoisseurs of newfangled designs, modern tables and products in fusion style are created.

Dining Table Collection from Italy

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