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Luxury Antonovich Home is the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai. It offers the widest selection of luxury furniture designs in all sorts of concepts. Either it is s classical, contemporary, or modern mood, Luxury Antonovich Home surely has the best furniture and decoration that fits your home interior. Luxury Antonovich Home is owned by the most luxurious interior designer – Katrina Antonovich. Luxury Antonovich Home is also known for providing the best architecture and interior design services. Developing luxury home interior is one of the most famous expertise by Luxury Antonovich Home team, by implementing the most prestigious design using premium class furniture and exquisite collection of home decoration.

At Luxury Antonovich Home you will find all sorts of furniture design varieties that perfectly fits in the different interior design concept. Luxury Antonovich Home is proudly introducing its signature luxury furniture collection – KA Luxury Brand, which has always been the top of the choice in decorating different luxurious projects such as Luxury Hotels, mansions, luxury villas, and elite apartments, etc. Aside from having its own luxury brand, Luxury Antonovich Home is an authorized distributor of different signature luxury brands. Now, every property owner/client can enjoy having their favorite luxury brands in the comfort of their houses. This idea will surely boost the uniqueness and personalized interior setting of every home.

Luxury Antonovich Design also offers different types of project consultations and management. It has its in-house professional interior designers, architects, engineers, furniture experts, and consultants that have the full ability to execute the most wonderful and effective project development. The selection of hues is as important as executing the space planning procedure, a perfect match of colors with the great alignment of decorations and style will surely have resulted in the finest mood of finishing. Luxury Antonovich Home is also very well known as the best provider of customized furniture, chandeliers, and carpets that perfectly suits every prestigious home interior design. 

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