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Lighting Trends: Exclusive Floor Lamps Design


The invariable attribute of a cozy interior is a beautiful and functional floor lamp, which ideally emphasizes the style of the room and will be indispensable as an element of point-like lighting. Such a lamp, made in modern design by Luxury Antonovich Home, will play the role of a decorative element in the daytime, and in the dark it will light the necessary accents on the decor and furniture of the room, which will create comfort and emphasize the dignity of the interior as a whole.

Katrina Antonovich - Floor Lamps Designer Of High Class

Floor lamps are lighting fixtures, which are a rigid vertical base, inside which is hidden a cable, plus a switch, a cartridge and a lampshade.

Distinctive characteristics of floor lamps:

— mobility — they are quite light, so they can easily be moved to another place in the room;

— functionality — some models have a number of mechanisms that allow you to push the light source forward, rotate and tilt the lamp at any angle, increase and decrease the height of the legs;

— compactness — by virtue of their construction, they occupy a minimum of space on the floor, so they will easily fit even in a tight corner.


Floor lamps has good stability, covers a very large area of the room with a bright luminous flux and, at the same time, is the aesthetic component of the decor in the interior. The floor lamp by Luxury Antonovich Home, directly performing its main function, is brightly distinguished by its designer variety, extraordinary shapes and sizes, original colors and patterns on lampshades or plafonds.

Any floor lamp model by Luxury Antonovich Home will perfectly fit into your home environment: it will scatter the gently flowing light in the room, create a cozy atmosphere, relax and bring peace of mind and peace to the life of the household.

You can pick up quality and original floor lamps with delivery in the catalog of our online store. We present unique high-quality designer products made from natural materials (lampshade material depends on your taste — paper, fabric, glass, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, precious stones). A large selection of designer floor lamps, thanks to which the interior can be quickly improved, is presented in Luxury Antonovich Home. A warm “low light” will create a feeling of comfort and security. Modern floor lamps can be connected to the central lighting and controlled with a switch. No fashionable interior can do without the use of this element of lighting.

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