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Luxury Master Bedroom Ideas


One of the most important rooms in the house is considered to be a master bedroom. It is logical that the design of the bedroom should be approached as carefully and responsibly. Everything in it should be harmonious — the ceiling should be combined with walls, curtains and other textiles — with furniture, and vice versa. All decorative components in the bedroom, including furniture, must be carefully selected, because their main goal is to create an atmosphere in the room that would contribute to maximum comfort, coziness and tranquility.


To achieve harmony in your luxury master bedroom, furniture should be selected in one tone and style solution. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to purchase the same furniture — you can experiment if you wish, but if a person does not have a sense of style, then it is best to entrust this work to professional designers of Luxury Antonovich Home.


Although it seems that it is the wall decoration and interior items that play a key role in design of the bedroom, in fact, the main furniture in the first place is the bed. You need to choose it in width, length, and also paying attention to height. An excellent solution and a universal idea would be to purchase a complete set, which includes all the necessary furniture attributes for a master bedroom. The classic set includes a bed, bedside tables, a chest of drawers or a console, a mirror and a dressing table. However, many manufacturers, as well as Luxury Antonovich Home, give their customers the opportunity to choose a set of furniture from exclusive collections that they want to see in their bedrooms.


Correct bedroom lighting will also add coziness to the bedroom. For such a room it should not be too bright, therefore, in addition to the chandelier on the ceiling, our designers advise to add more designer floor lamps or wall lamps with dim lights. They will create the necessary comfort and complete relaxation.

According to our experts, the presence of such details as a soft carpet on the floor, paintings on the walls, pleasant accessories, and a beautiful bedspread on the bed is just as important. And the most important thing is the curtains of the author’s design, which can create twilight even on a bright sunny day, so that you can relax not only at night. It is easy to achieve this effect by choosing opaque fabrics or adding Roman curtains with blackout “day-night” fabric to the classic window design, which can completely protect the room from sunlight.


The main task of the “correct” master bedroom is to achieve maximum comfort and home warmth. The combination of colors, fabric texture and convenient arrangement of furniture create the most pleasant experience of staying in the most important part of the house. Luxury Antonovich Home bedroom catalog was created specifically to show our customers options for a wide range of leisure areas. And thanks to the expositions in our showroom, you can not only get acquainted with the appearance of each bedroom, but also examine in detail the distinctive characteristics of our furniture.

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