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Pianos by KA Piano Store: Musical Instruments Of Premium Class


Musical instruments presented in our showroom combine the best achievements of world engineering, wonderful sound and professional mechanics. Pianos and grand pianos by KA Furniture brand embody the traditional quality: their sound is majestic, solid, elegant and harmonious. Our catalog will delight you with exquisite musical innovations, from a piano for beginners to a professional grand piano. A piano in Luxury Antonovich Home has a surprisingly nice price, from standard to classic.

Grand Pianos By Katrina Antonovich And KA Furniture Brand

Each piano, like every client, has its own unique character. A harmonious combination of perfect craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing techniques guarantee the excellent quality of each of our models. Enthusiastic and dedicated masters of KA Furniture put their soul into creating collections of unique pianos and grand pianos:

  • Cabinet pianos;
  • Concert pianos;
  • Cabinet grand pianos;
  • Salon grand pianos;
  • Concert grand pianos;
  • Classical pianos;
  • Designer models of pianos with custom design.


A modern piano consists of a huge variety of details, each of which is given special attention. The main task is to create an instrument using natural materials that preserves perfect sound in different temperature and weather conditions. We believe that success is determined by how much the client feels this or that instrument.

Pianos and grand pianos in Piano Store in Dubai impress with a variety of choices and are characterized by a unique design:

— Pianos, which can only be talked about in an excellent degree, fantastic sound, ideal performance properties.

— Wonderful sound completeness, power and dynamics. Impressive precision gaming mechanism.

— The standard for professionals — and for your music salon. Elegant sound, the characteristics of a professional instrument.

— The finest nuance, excellent acoustics and mechanics, wonderful timbre spectrum. An admirable instrument!

KA Furniture Piano Factory is a manufacturer of the highest quality acoustic and digital pianos and grand pianos, the range of which we offer to professional pianists, organizations and just music lovers, is designed for almost any budget. Thanks to the high professionalism and competence of its specialists, Luxury Antonovich Home manages to revive the famous models, which at the time made a sensation and have already become history. These unique, one-of-a-kind instruments are real pearls designed for those music lovers who value originality.

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