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Reasons Why You Need Designer Decor Items For Your Interior


Today, home improvement occupies a considerable place in our everyday life. The modern pace of life is very dynamic, so it is important to keep up with it. Home decor and furniture accessories is one of the components of everyday life and should correspond to fashion, tastes and furniture market trends. By purchasing original home decor you create coziness in space. Such a demand for home space decorations makes the production of decor items more individual. Today you rarely find identical vases or decorative pillows in several apartments. Each new space surprises with a variety of decorations and unusualness. The opportunity to buy home decor on order from Luxury Antonovich Home greatly simplified the life of many housewives. So you can choose the color, texture and shape of the furniture decor by yourself.

Katrina Antonovich Presents Best Home Furniture Decor

Interior decoration items of KA Furniture are the components of a cozy house, therefore it is very important to choose all the elements of home decor correctly and harmoniously. They should be consistent with the general idea of the house. The main task of making interior decor is to create coziness and add new colors to ordinary life. When buying decor and accessories, our designers advise you to consider:

— The overall style of the apartment;

— The color scheme;

— The texture of the walls and furniture.


Focusing on these parameters, you can easily decide which decor you want to buy. There are some types of home decor:

  • Vases

Can be floor and table. Today they are the most demanded for decoration of premises. Floor models of vases by KA Furniture brand are individual decorative objects, therefore they have a complex and intricate shape. With their help, you can beautifully fill a large space of hall, as well as decorate the living area.

  • Candles and candlesticks

They are an obligatory attribute of comfort. With their help, even a room in cold colors can be made warm and attractive. The advantage is the ability to independently choose a fragrance. When choosing and buying such home decor, pay attention to the texture of the candlestick.

  • Mirrors

The presence of reflective elements in the room allows you to increase the space. On sunny days, running glare around the apartment will give the room a special charm. Small mirrors should be placed in the form of a collage, while they can be of different geometric shapes. Large items are best hung on their own.

  • Figurines

Today there is no house in which any figures would not stand. They can contain the philosophical meaning of the concept of a house or just be a decoration for furniture accessories. Interesting is the location of such large objects in the living room. Small items can be placed on a bookcase or kitchen area.

Our furniture store in Dubai is engaged in the manufacture of original decor items and furniture accessories. They can be used to decorate a house, apartment, hotel and other premises. All orders are executed only from quality materials. If you want to buy original home decor for your order – go to the gallery furniture catalog of our online furniture store. We will provide a free consultation, and will help you make a choice. Waiting for your call!

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