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Women, as well as modern men, adore decorating their home with exquisite plants, flowers and small trees, but the reservoir in which the plant will be located is also significant. High-quality interior design is impossible without such elements as decorative expensive vases, because they revitalize the room, make it cozy and create a special atmosphere.

Interior Vases by Katrina Antonovich

Vases belong to those interior items that play not only a decorative, but also a practical role. Their main function is to be the vessel in which the flowers are placed, complemented by other functions:

— create stylistic accents;

— fill in empty spaces in the interior;

— emphasize the general mood.

Designer Vases Dubai by Katrina Antonovich

Visit our Luxury Antonovich Home showroom and you can choose an exclusive vase for any style: hi-tech, avant-garde, modern, traditional, classic. Design of interior vases are diverse, beautiful, stylish and fashionable accessories that emphasize the exclusivity of the environment and attest to the impeccable taste of their owners.


Many are bothered by a question how to choose the right vase? If you are planning to buy an original vase, think about what shape and style will suit your interior design. In order for a vase to look harmoniously in your interior, you need to follow a number of simple rules:

  • Small bouquets are for small containers, large — for large, tall — for tall.
  • An unusual vase requires open space around it; do not block it with other objects.
  • Do not overload the volume with flowers, do not put several bouquets at once.

Fashionable Vases Store Dubai

Decorative vases presented in Luxury Antonovich Home are divided into types depending on:

  • material;
  • forms;
  • destination;
  • design.

Luxury Vases Dubai by Katrina Antonovich

Designer vases can be made of metal, plastic, glass, crystal, ceramics, porcelain, can be cut from wood or woven from vines.  The shape of the vase can be very different. They are made in the form of a rhombus, a rectangle, a circle, can be straight or curved, elongated, cylindrical, conical, folding, in the form of a jug, bowl, pot, etc. The same applies to surface design: patterns, relief, painting, plain color or colorful pattern. We have presented collections of floor, table and decorative vases (designed exclusively for interior decoration). 

Regular updating of the product range in Luxury Antonovich Home will contribute to purchase of truly unique products that even collectors and people with a particularly refined taste will appreciate.

The Best Vases Collection in Dubai

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