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Chandelier Installation Tips From Lighting Expert


Chandeliers look amazing when installed in your home, but the process of properly installing them should be left to a qualified, experienced lighting expert. Do you need to assemble, install and connect your chandeliers? Address to the masters working in our company. Luxury Antonovich Home provides qualified assembly and installation services for chandeliers in Dubai. Our masters of installation and assembly of chandeliers have great skills in such tasks as installing chandeliers, they are professional electricians who will quickly and efficiently perform the tasks assigned to them.

Katrina Antonovich

Reliable and proper production of works such as installing and connecting a chandelier or sconce, installing a lamp that is attached to the ceiling should not violate the integrity of apartment interior. The junction box and switches of the type you like must be positioned accurately and safely. Luxury Antonovich Home specialists can help in organizing the zonal type of lighting and the desired degree of illumination of each zone. Our experts work with a variety of designs from different manufacturers.



These are the specifics of expert chandelier installation service in Dubai:

  • Chandelier assembly;
  • Soldering wires and connectors;
  • Chandelier mounting and connecting;
  • Transformer installation (if necessary);
  • Installation of additional fasteners.

The most common lighting elements are pendant lights and chandeliers that are mounted using pipes, rods, cables, strings, suspensions. Carrying out such electrical work, we use dowels, ceiling anchors, as well as screws with a special ring at the end (for wooden ceilings). It is also possible to install lighting fixtures on the ceilings of any type of various levels and relief using a cable suspension.


When installing a chandelier and installing fixtures of other types, as with other electrical work, a professional approach, utmost care, and strict observance of safety rules are required. Any electrical work related to the installation of the chandelier, the installation of fixtures should be performed exclusively by professionals who work in our company.


Luxury Antonovich Home provides a full spectrum of all kinds electrical services. We carry out installation and assembly service of lighting fixtures of any type and purpose. Our licensed workers will perform installation work in the shortest possible time. Long-term experience of our masters will provide high-quality and professional service. We protect each of our customers, therefore we give a guarantee for performed work.


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