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Flower Walls And Floral Panels: Blooming Premium Decor


It all started with the fact that flowers returned to the interior fashion. Huge and tiny, artificial and fresh flowers boldly decorate the interiors of many houses. And in the new year, the flowers went even higher. Now the trend is floral walls.

Creating a single style of interior or event is one of the most important components of its success. It doesn’t matter which holiday or interior you decide to decorate — our designers and florists-decorators will make a floral wall, taking into account your wishes and the general style of the interior. A wall of flowers, custom-made by Luxury Antonovich Home — not only emphasizes the status of the event, but also makes you and your guests feel the real atmosphere of an unforgettable holiday!

KA Furniture floral decor shop provides wall decoration with flowers, characterized by:

  • Any sizes.
  • Various design options and colors.
  • Artificial or natural flowers (flower walls are expressed in the beauty of peonies, carnations, goldenrod, delphiniums and roses).
  • Additional decor (vases, flower arrangements of an arch, etc.).
  • Fast production times.


KA Furniture is a professional embodiment of your most diverse floral ideas and desires — bouquets, baskets, interior compositions, decoration of celebratory rooms, landscaping of residential and office spaces with potted plants, flower walls.

What else can we offer?


  • Bouquets and compositions;
  • Services of florists and decorators;
  • Flower walls.


  • Interior design and courtyards decor with fresh flowers and compositions;
  • Room decoration with potted plants;
  • Landscaping of facades, verandas, windows and other spaces.

KA Furniture store offers you to buy unreal beauty panels from fresh flowers made with the help of a professional. Fresh flowers are quite a fragile instrument and require the hands of a professional. For this type of decor, we use persistent flowers, for example, rose, chrysanthemum, peony, carnation. The aroma from the panel with fresh flowers will be incredible and despite the fact that such a decor costs quite a lot, not a single client has regretted it. Budget and no less elegant version is the panel of artificial flowers — a great option for those who are slightly limited on a budget. Designers of KA Furniture store argue that it is a mistake to believe that a wall panel of artificial flowers will look less interesting. It also looks refined and elegant, just the sum of the costs is definitely less.

Successful floral design always attracts the eyes of guests. And in the event that the decor is approached on a grand scale, you get simply unforgettable designer creations — floral walls from KA Furniture.

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