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Luxurious Carpets for your Home


In Luxury Antonovich Home’s showroom, we do not just present furniture. Our showroom is also available to view the latest in carpets. We have several carpets ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Our Jumeirah showroom, headed by Katrina Antonovich of Luxury Antonovich Home, has a wide range of masterpieces. These designs are curated with much time and technique and each and every carpet is crafted to give the extra luxury that your room needed. Be it a living room, bedroom or even your kitchen, we have the perfect carpet for you. Visit our showroom in Jumeirah today to find out more of our designs in your own eyes. Or better yet, message us now to see what we can offer.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Luxurious Carpets for your Home

Rounded shapes are always the in thing when it comes to living areas. This design gives a solid shape that would make the room more spacious. The rounded shapes go well with the curved sofa in blue velvet fabric. Everything about this design is amazing and each and every detail are perfect.

This cream and brown colored carpet is the definition of a beautiful execution. The design goes well with the chairs and tables on top of it. The shape is made specifically for the dining chairs. This design is something very precious to us because the fitting and all the details are put into consideration to give a personalized design. You will definitely love this carpet. And the first step to having a design like this is to visit our showroom in Jumeirah. Luxury Antonovich Home has ready-made designs and we also do custom designs fit for your style and personality.

Abstract designs will always be on the loop. This black and orange color carpet is amazing if you are after the more sophisticated and playful look. Yet, if you long for something unusual then this is definitely for you. Luxury Antonovich Home created this masterpiece to show what a huge space with beautiful carpet would look like. Every design is crafted with so much elegance that you would want to stay in this room even further. A lot of people loved this design and we are sure you will too if you see it in person. Luxury Antonovich Home’s showroom is open for you. Just message us to meet you personally!

A classic carpet will never go out of style. This grayish-white carpet is built to give the room elegance. The sofa and the table go well with the carpet and everything about this fabric is beautiful and amazing. The materials are made with such intricacy and the simplicity of it is what makes it even more beautiful and a standalone on its own. 

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