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Stunning Carpet Designs for your Home


We create carpets designs with remarkable and unique materials. With Luxury Antonovich Home, you will have a beautiful carpet, for your beautiful space, the astonishing design is something that you will adore. It is an unquestionable requirement to have the best possible carpet. It gives luxury to your room and will definitely make the room an additional luxury of your place. We ensure that we can give the best carpet plan.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Carpets

In this first carpet design, the details are rectangular. This pattern will give the room the modernized feel and ambiance. It is perfect if you want a differentiated look for your room. The carpet is also partnered with simple furniture designs that are lovey and minimalist. With its style of astonishing details and beautiful materials, this carpet by Luxury Antonovich Home is centered around being beautiful and luxurious.

The second carpet design gives off a tropical feel. If you are into nature and environmental patterns then this design is perfect for you. The leaves patterns are wonderful and it is partnered with sophisticated furniture. We have a high ability in the field of carpet designs. Our company offers a top-notch group with wide experience in doing carpets. 

The 3rd carpet sample is very abstract. If you love doing designs that are exceptional then this is the carpet for you. The patterns are very creative and the design is beautiful. Besides its wonderful patterns, it is also made to give your room a different approach in playfulness with luxury vibes.

The fourth design is something that is wonderful if you are into a sophisticated ambiance. The violet and black combination is very lovely. The colors are magnificent and the design is wonderful. We offer carpet development that is certainly noteworthy. Luxury designs is a no joke in the business as it requires talented designers such as Luxury Antonovich Home.

The fifth carpet is for those who want a different feel in their room. The carpet design is made for those that are artistic and want a different touch in their living room area. The overall design of the interior design is leveled up because of the beautiful ambiance of the carpet which is wonderful and luxurious.

The sixth carpet design is made with a three-dimensional effect. The colors of blue and brown are perfect accent colors for a wood-heavy interior design. The overall look of the room is wonderful thanks to the amazing carpet. With the assistance of Luxury Antonovich Home, you can get the rich carpet design that you long for.

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