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Top Panel Designs to have in your Room


We create beautiful wall panels for every kind of rooms. These designs are unique and we crafted these with much importance. The details of each wall panels are done with creative eyes and these designs were made especially for our clients. 

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Panels

In this first wall panel, you will notice its unique feature: its embossed effect. The design and details are magnificent. The patterns go well with each other and the shape looks phenomenal. The embossed part of the wall panel gives a three-dimensional effect which is very stunning. The overall shape of the pattern forms a stunning balanced work of art. The colors are also divine. A combination of black and gray will never go wrong if you long for that luxurious vibe in a room. The details and everything is phenomenal: from the design to the colors. This is the perfect wall panel for your personality.

The second panel will give you the authentic feel of tropics. The color is very nature-inspired and the weave-like design is beautiful. You will love this wall panel because of its continuous-looking design. The patterns will give a vibe of movement and we believe that this design is perfect for those who wish for a fun yet sophisticated feel in their house.

The third wall panel is for those that are looking for a brighter side in the design. The cool shade of white is beautiful and will go well with any style of interior design. As an example, the plant in front of it looks like it is standing out with the help of the wall panel. This design is one of our favorites because of its flexibility in terms of putting any furniture or style with it. You will never go wrong with this kind of wall panel. Additionally, the patterns are lovely. It forms a shape of Y and it gives off the feel of rising up. We are proud to show you this work of art by the amazing designer of Luxury Antonovich Home.

The fourth design is similar to the wall panel in the above. It is white and it incorporates a lovely pattern but in a different orientation. The white wall panel goes well with the rustic vibe of the interior design. White is perfect for rustic because it helps the wood standout without being too empowering. Additionally, the design is clean, neat and minimalist.

Last and definitely not the least is this dark gray design of wall panel. Just like the wall panels above, the designs are amazing and it is done with much-needed details. Everything about this is beautiful and the simplicity of the dark gray color is luxurious and extravagant.

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