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What Is The Most Expensive House In The World 2019?


Chic expensive interiors are not created on the basis of ready-made solutions. To create a luxurious style in elite house Luxury Antonovich Home forms a unique design solution, which indicates all the desired details.

The large areas of such objects during the work on the design project allow our designers to organize there many additional facilities for recreation and entertainment: saunas, hammams, home cinemas, bars, fireplace rooms. Of course, the set of functional areas for each design project is unique. Everything is determined by the nature of the hobbies and wishes of the customers.



The rich interior design of apartments and houses in India, given its high cost, allows us to experiment with complex architectural elements. Columns, pilasters, all kinds of sockets, vaulted ceilings — our architects and designers know a ton of ways to make the interior composition more complex and unique:


Lighting. An expensive design project of a house involves careful scrupulous work with light. If for a typical interior, a pair of built-in lighting on the ceiling can be considered the top art of lighting, then in an expensive design you should make every effort. Elegant lighting put around the perimeter of the ceiling vaults of lights, expensive chandeliers, cascading lamps with a waterfall of crystal threads, illuminated stones and stained-glass windows are an arsenal of means by which Luxury Antonovich Home arranges lighting in elite interior.

  • Items and elements made of stone.

Any natural stone, be it marble, agate, onyx or granite, adds a sense of luxury to the space. Even one element of the atmosphere, for example, the island’s counter top or fireplace lining accentuate attention and visually increase the price of the interior in India.

  • Gypsum decor.

Unusual gypsum stucco molding creates a kind of “antique” interior with the past. By the way, our designers remind — stucco molding is appropriate not only in classic interiors, but in modern styles. This is not about Baroque style pretentiousness, but about calm and straightforward forms.


  • Textile.

The rich look of velvet, leather or jacquard on furniture upholstery looks as chic as crystal chandeliers. Our designers know how to make expensive furniture from textiles by adding one or two pillows with expensive pillowcases or armchairs with expensive upholstery to the interior to make the interior play. Curtains are an indispensable accessory, thanks to which any room looks like an expensive environment.

  • Details.

Chromed handles, furniture legs or copper and brass edging of fixtures and crystal accessories in lighting systems — these are all details of an expensive interior.

Luxury Antonovich Home has vast experience working with elite objects. Our portfolio includes many interiors of apartments and houses located in prestigious residential complexes and cottage villages of premium class in India.


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